Saturday, October 16, 2010

About The Best PTC

All Paid Program on this blog is not mine, I only member of them.
All images and trademarks on this blog are the property of their respective sites and protected by law.
The purpose of using it only for advertising and not for sale.

This blog is divided into several category.
  1. My Best PTC ==> contain about PTC's that have paid to me.
  2. My PTC Refback ==> contain about Refback Program.
  3. My Testing Site ==> contain about New PTC and the PTC Site under my testing.
  4. My Aurora site ==> contain about Aurora Site that have paid to me.
  5. My TrafficExchange ==> contain about TrafficSite that paid to the member.
  6. Scam Site ==> contain about List of the Scam Site
For the next, may be I will make e-book's tutorial for beginner.


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